No Kill Nation Inc & President Debi Day WIN Defamation Lawsuits

An individual, Randall “Randy” DeCarlo, has persistently and widely spread defamatory lies about No Kill Nation. The court has determined that DeCarlo is guilty of libel. He has been found liable for defamation and tortious interference with No Kill Nation’s business relationships.

Please read: LETTER FROM DEBI DAY, President, No Kill Nation Inc.


Please note: the No Kill Fund is not itself connected to this lawsuit. None of the money raised on this site will ever be put towards litigation or legal fees.  We aim simply to educate the public, as discussed below.

Ironically, a paranoid (and amusing) campaign has been launched, bent upon distorting the purpose of the No Kill Fund itself: this is precisely the sort of deliberate misinformation that needs to be addressed. 


Efforts to Silence No Kill:

Self-described “animal rights” activists have threatened to kill Nathan Winograd’s dog, in retaliation for accurate and devastating critiques of both PETA and the HSUS (the Humane Society of the United States).  Winograd heads the No Kill Advocacy Center, and reports regularly on how these wealthy organizations have bitterly failed the animals they purport to represent.

Whenever we see an effort to end shelter killing, the knives come out. Followers of groups like PETA and the HSUS are, in particular, virulently opposed to the No Kill movement.

Novelist Douglas Anthony Cooper has been writing a series of articles for the Huffington Post in support of No Kill. Most have been highly critical of PETA, and a new series is equally critical of the HSUS.

Hence — predictably — there was an immediate effort to remove Douglas Anthony Cooper from Wikipedia, as “insufficiently notable.” The editor spearheading the effort, anonymously, turned out to be a particularly notorious shill for the HSUS. Mr. Cooper has written about him here.

The Wikipedia attack was unsuccessful.  Soon afterwards, similar trolls obsessed with obstructing the progress of No Kill posted fake reviews of Mr. Cooper’s novels on Amazon (announcing that the children’s books contained R-rated material, etc.)

While these are minor incidents — relative to the vile threat to kill Nathan Winograd’s dog — they are typical of the repeated and vicious attacks upon advocates of No Kill. Whether truly criminal or merely petty, these acts are a an assault upon animals across America:  they aid and abet shelter killing.

PETA has threatened to sue various people for libel — including both Winograd and Cooper — but has always failed to follow through, for the simple reason that factual reporting does not constitute libel.  Moreover, if PETA were ever to bring these suits to court, members of the organization would be forced to testify regarding the practice of killing pets at their headquarters in Norfolk, West Virginia.

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Our Response:

In response to this — and other efforts to undermine the No Kill program — we have set up a fund to counteract libel. This will be a sum of money, equally divided between No Kill Nation and the No Kill Advocacy Center.  It will be put towards educating the public about No Kill:  what the program truly involves, as opposed to the way it has been mischaracterized by its enemies.

The only way to rise above lies is to make the truth even louder.



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