From Debi Day, President, No Kill Nation, Inc:

In 2011, an individual by the name of Randy DeCarlo set out on a mission to destroy No Kill Nation’s reputation and my own, not only in the animal advocacy community, but also in our local community here in South Florida.  From behind his computer screen, he made numerous false statements about No Kill Nation, our board members, employees and me, on Facebook and internet blogs. The majority of these statements accused us of being scam artists and frauds who stole money from donors. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I get one point across through this letter, I hope it is this: neither No Kill Nation nor I have ever misappropriated donations.

As Mr. DeCarlo’s allegations grew both in volume and severity, I made the difficult decision to hire legal counsel to protect our rights and reputation. All legal bills were paid for by me, personally, and did not come out of donations. At the outset of the lawsuit, our legal counsel offered Mr. DeCarlo a settlement that entailed retracting his false statements, to which he scoffed and boasted about seeing us in court. As the lawsuit progressed, the judge ordered Mr. DeCarlo to produce evidence in support of his statements. Mr. DeCarlo never provided any documents to support his false and defamatory statements.

When our lawyers offered to show Mr. DeCarlo the accounting records of the “Everglades 100+” project (the project that was the subject of most of Mr. DeCarlo’s accusations), he failed to respond to or even acknowledge the offer.

No Kill Nation’s records show that it properly accounted for all donations made to the “Everglades 100+” project. In fact, No Kill Nation merely served as administrative support for the many local rescue volunteers involved in the “Everglades 100+” project. More specifically, No Kill Nation agreed to accept donations from the public to the “Everglades 100+” project for the purpose of monitoring the project’s finances. No Kill Nation put all of these donations into a restricted account, and used the donations to pay only for expenses that arose from the project, most of which came in the form of bills from veterinary offices.

When everything was said and done, the expenses from the “Everglades 100+” project exceeded the donations received. No Kill Nation stepped up to the plate and paid for the difference using monies from its unrestricted account, which is funded in large part by my personal donations. I hope you will take a few minutes of your time to click on the links below, one of which provides this accounting summary, as well as No Kill Nation’s IRS Form 990’s (tax returns) for the years 2010 and 2011.

Recent orders from the court found Mr. DeCarlo to be liable for defamation and tortious interference with No Kill Nation’s business relationships. The judge also recently entered a permanent injunction against Mr. DeCarlo, which requires him to remove all statements he made about No Kill Nation, our board members, employees and me that refer to us as being frauds and scam artists, and to refrain from making similar statements in the future. A jury trial on damages is scheduled for early 2013. I invite you to click on the links below to see copies of the complaint, the default judgment, and the permanent injunction, in addition to the financial records I spoke of earlier.

Finally, many of you may be curious why we didn’t come right out and display our accounting records online for the world to see when Mr. DeCarlo first began to make false accusations about us. Although I desperately wanted to clear the air, I thought it was important to display strength and character—the type of strength and character that does not bend to the will of tormentors. Just because someone on the internet accuses you of wrongdoing, doesn’t mean you need to stop everything you are doing and appease them. It is a cornerstone of our society that we do not accuse people of wrongdoing without any supporting facts, and then demand they prove their innocence.

No Kill Nation and I take accusations against our character very seriously, and we will continue to protect our reputations and our promise of integrity to our donors and supporters to the best of our abilities.


Debi Day



First Amended Complaint

Default Judgment By the Court

Injunction Against Randall J. DeCarlo

Everglades 100+ Accounting Summary

990 Forms: No Kill Nation, Inc.